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Share Your Story - Volunteer Opportunity with the American Heart Association

Increasingly, we have more opportunities for YOU, our members, to help the cause by sharing your stories!

The #AmericanHeartAssociation has reached out in search of our members from #Wisconsin to share their stories with an AHA writer. These news articles will be published in local news outlets so that the public and legislators can hear about the toll of pregnancy diseases like preeclampsia.

Wisconsin is one of only 5 states in the USA that does not extend Medicaid coverage to postpartum people despite the known health impacts of pregnancy and death rates for postpartum patients up to 12 months after delivery.

If you delivered in Wisconsin in the past few years and would be willing to share your story with the AHA, we would love for you to email us at If you had experience with #Medicaid, that is a bonus but not necessary for this opportunity.

Help us help others who may experience preeclampsia in Wisconsin!



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