Brooke Heinzmann

Member Approval Team

"Hi, I’m Brooke. I am a Chicago, IL, USA based Jewish stay home mother of two children (14 months and 4 years old). I am a disabled veteran and was in the Air Force for seven years. I developed gestational hypertension that progressed to preeclampsia with severe features in my second pregnancy with my son Ira at 38 weeks 3 days. I was astounded by the misinformation around preeclampsia and felt that the misconceptions I had about preeclampsia made the birth and recovery more traumatic than it needed to be. I found our group when I was fresh out of the hospital and this group really saved me and my husband for those first two weeks. I am forever grateful for that and would like to give back to the group. Someday, when my children are older I would like to be a full moderator for the group, but until I can handle the time and emotional commitment I am so excited to help out as a group admissions moderator. I feel strongly about women’s health in general and am inspired by this group’s commitment to evidence-based community and support.