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Chelsie Adams Hoff

Chelsie Adams Hoff

Indiana, USA


Chelsie is a stay-at-home mom of 2 sons and a daughter. She has been with her spouse for 16 years and became a mother at age 19, and was immediately a stay at home mom. In 2007, she developed preeclampsia with her first pregnancy at 38 weeks and was immediately sent for induction. After a tough vaginal delivery her son was born with no issues and Chelsie did not need magnesium or any medication. In 2013, she gave birth to her second son at 37 weeks due to intrahepatic cholestasis and preeclampsia but had a very smooth vaginal delivery. Her son had no issues and Chelsie just needed daily blood pressure medication since she was considered a chronic hypertensive. She gave birth to her daughter in 2018 at 31 weeks, after being diagnosed with preeclampsia with severe features at 30 weeks. Her daughter spent 40 days in the NICU.Chelsie was put on a 24 hour magnesium drip immediately following her c-section.

Chelsie says, "Prematurity and preeclampsia awareness have become my passion. After the birth of my daughter, that experience sparked a fire within, to do whatever I could to get the word out about them. I am also passionate about the ever-rising number of maternal fetal mortalities in our country. My dream is to someday become a psychologist or counselor who specializes in birth trauma and PTSD. I was diagnosed with PTSD right after my daughter came home from the NICU."

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