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Caroline Darling

Caroline Darling

Ontario, Canada

Moderator in Training

I'm Caroline. I'm a preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome survivor and infertility warrior. After several miscarriages, I was diagnosed with infertility. When I was eventually able to stay pregnant with my Lucky Girl, born in January 2020, there were a few extra challenges, and eventually I developed gestational hypertension at 38 weeks. In my subsequent pregnancy, with my Miracle Girl, born December 2021, I had an extremely difficult pregnancy with several trips to the hospital and an extended stay before having an emergent C-section at 36 weeks due to preeclampsia with severe features and HELLP. Today, both of my girls are healthy and thriving, and I'm alive and grateful for modern medicines. Preeclampsia has changed my life, but with the help of this group and my therapist, I'm accepting what's happened, learning lots about preeclampsia, and focusing on educating and supporting others. Professionally, I'm a Culinary Historian and have worked at many different historic sites throughout Canada, though I'm currently settled in Southern Ontario, working at a Victorian mansion.

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