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Anna Hollywood

Anna Hollywood

Staffordshire, England

European Regional Coordinator, Senior Moderator and Social Media Coordinator

My Name is Anna and I am a mother to three children. I have a 3 year old, Vesper, born at 35+2 due to Pre -eclampsia and a 9 month old baby boy Lochlan born at 34+4. My middle child Lorcan was born sleeping at 24+ 3 due to early on set Pre-eclampsia at 20 weeks.

I am Solicitor who specialises in Domestic Abuse and Private children disputes and I live in the UK.

I am married to Peter and have been for 4 years. I follow the Mighty Stoke City football team and have a passion for all trash TV.

I have been at war with Pre-Eclampsia since I was diagnosed with it at 34+6 with my Vesper, I managed to have her vaginally, but was heavily medicated with Magnesium and IV BP meds, Vesper was intubated at birth and spent 3 days in intensive care, another 7 in high dependency before being moved to SCUBU for another 5.

My angel son, I was diagnosed with Pre – Eclampsia at 20 weeks, and was hospitalised for a month before he lost his fight, I had him vaginally. I developed Sepsis after having him for retained products, and ended up having to have a D and C, my kidneys were damaged and I was still spilling a huge amount of protein when I fell pregnant with my third child.

My third pregnancy which was Pre-eclampsia free was tough, I had gestational diabetes and was on insulin from 17 weeks, I had heavy intervention from my medical team, I had my rainbow at 34+4 due to doppler issues, by c-section.

I volunteered to be a moderator because I am passionate to give something back to this group who helped me get through some really difficult times, I would like to raise awareness for Pre term babies and offer support for those that have suffered losses

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